Raising Minimum Wage to Repair the Problem with Socialism

If it was just that easy Raising minimum wage which is but alas, it is not, not even close. You see what we have done with our efforts to tweak the market economy and realize we are using that language loosely is engaged in concept capitalism and manipulation. Those things are not currently working optimal; we are currently moving to repair our consequences.Might we Suggest that raising the wage minimum is only going to make matters worse not just for society, customers, companies investment class but also for the people who receive the growth in reality in the long term, they will be hurt most of all. Let us help you think this through as it is not Werner von Braun level science. It is really basic Economics too bad they do not teach it in high school and college anymore that somewhat explains why people making the lowest wage like the concept of a pay increase and that would not want to be on the receiving end of money you think.

Minimum Wage

It is absolutely ridiculous for anybody to assume that increasing wage minimums will assist for that matter with the income split or equality or poverty. You see if you increase minimum wage individuals will have more to invest the individual’s investment course will have that cash in under 3-transactions where everything is created or it will flow to shores.Then the Prices will go up because of all and demand and supply since their bucks will buy less that boost in pay will not help. Through brainwashing the socialists have corrupted reasoning and sense. If folks that are smarter know this, they are demanding we do increase the wage.

The wealthy are tired of being chastised as the one percent, the politicians want more votes and nobody wants class warfare so this appeals to people searching for a solution but beware it will be temporary at best and catastrophic in the longer term.Many Business models cannot survive if they increase costs to consumers or the buyers, becausethere is a price at. For a fast food hamburger it may be 8.00 but whatever it is currently raising Salário Mínimo Chile Medical care costs and wages runs up businesses against that price point and in the event you cannot make a profit you cannot stay in business and you are not supplying any jobs. Please believe on and consider this itseriously, do not wimp out think about it.

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