Playing an Encore on a Limo

The sort of people that tend to prefer riding around in limos to any other kind of transportation they might end up taking part often want live music. A big part of the reason what that is the case has to do with the fact that this can heighten their experience and make it so that they would have a wide selection of tunes that they can have performed for them at any given point in time. If you work in the music industry, limo rides can be a huge money earner if you manage to get these gigs on a regular basis.

That said, planning just one set for a limo ride is probably not going to be all that great of a decision for you to end up making. The thing about riding in a Newark NJ limo is that the ride tends to last a really long time, and if your performance was good enough then chances are that the people that hired you are going to ask you to perform some kind of an encore. This is a really honorable thing to have asked of you since it indicates that your skills as a musician were high enough to justify tan encore in the first place, but it does pose a problem for you as far as set planning is concerned.

Basically, if you haven’t managed to plan some kind of an encore set then no one is ever going to want to hire you again. They would assume that you don’t know how to plan your performances out in the best way possible, so you should plan an encore set just to be on the safe side of things.

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