Doing Chemistry on a Party Bus

Science is often considered to be something that only nerdy people ever end up taking part in, but there is a pretty good chance that you might have taken part in science without even realizing that this is what you are actually doing here. The truth of the situation is that science is everywhere whether you like it or not, and even something like enjoying a party bus can involve a lot of science with chemistry in particular being a subject that gets used more often than you might think on a party bus.

Chemistry is basically the study of compounds and how they interact with each other, and this is basically exactly what bartending is if you think about it. The fact of the matter is that you are probably going to be mixing drinks on a Marietta party bus, and this is basically chemistry in its purest form! You don’t need to know the names of all of the chemicals that you are using nor do you need to get into the technical aspects of this sort of thing in order for it to be chemistry.

Hence, if you want to try and impress a few people that are out there, you can always do this by saying that you are a chemist that operates solely on party buses. Once they make a couple more inquiries they would realize that this is actually pretty funny when they realize what you are actually referring to, and this means that you have an excellent joke at your disposal that you can use whenever the need arises thereby allowing you to come across as charming, self effacing and above all else really funny.

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